Friday, January 21, 2011

NAHUM 3:16


       "You have increased the number of your merchants till they are more than the stars of the sky, but like locusts they strip the land and then fly away."   (NIV)

      This book of the Bible was written by Nahum the prophet.  It was written to the people of Ninevah as  a warning of God's anger over their evil ways. Nahum warned the people that unless they changed their ways, God would completely destroy their nation. Sadly, they did not heed the prophet's warning;  they thought they were invincible.  They thought their armies were so powerful, their money so vast, their government so wise, that they couldn't be defeated.  But, in less than fifty years after Nahum's warning, the entire nation collapsed.  They were gone.

       So, how does this apply to us today?  A quick visit with any newspaper or television news show reveals that many nations nowadays are in this very same condition.  New stores cropping up everywhere even though existing ones are going out of business or filing for bankruptcy.  Are not the number of merchants more than the stars of the sky? And how about all the credit card offers we get in the mail?  Have not those same merchants stripped our land like locusts?

      When will we learn?  The lesson applies to the individual as well as to nations.  Don't let power, wealth, or fame fool you. These things can appear to be the answer; but, you end up feeling empty and alone.  The REAL ANSWER is having a personal relationship with God, through Jesus Christ the Messiah.  He will not leave you.  He will not forsake you.  He will not abandon you.

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